How We Work With
Non-Profit Clients

Edgework’s work with non-profit clients crosses over all three drivers of great teams: 1) People and Relationships; 2) Team Member Skills; and, 3) Organizational Culture. Clients engage us to deliver workshops and training on core content areas, to design and/or facilitate on- and off-site meetings and retreats, to work with team members in a coaching relationship, and also for custom projects that may address needs specific to non-profit organizations such as strategic planning, measurement and evaluation, program design, and overall organizational development.

In addition to what is noted below, if you are a sports-based non-profit organization, please check out our Sport page.

Our core content areas for non-profit clients include:

Organizational Development
On- and Off-Site Meetings and Retreats
Manager and Leader Development
Teaming and Collaboration
Organizational Culture
 Leadership Coaching