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We go where people want to grow. We do this through Edgework: boundary-pushing ideas, behaviors, strategies, and programs.

A Resource for Leaders: A Trauma Sensitive Approach to Managing in the Era of Covid-19

A Crucial Investment: How and When to Develop Your Managers


Edgework works with teams and individuals to help them be more effective teammates, communicators, and leaders. Through workshops, trainings, on- and off-site meetings and retreats, and coaching relationships, Edgework delivers carefully designed and facilitated sessions. Edgework’s core content areas allow for teams or whole companies to find a solution that will help them grow.


Edgework specializes in staff leadership development and learning and organizational culture. Working closely with clients, Edgework addresses needs specific to non-profit organizations such as strategic planning, measurement and evaluation, program design, and overall organizational development.


Edgework is known around the world for its work in sports-based youth development (SBYD), sport for development (SFD), trauma-sensitive program design, and coach training. Additionally, Edgework works in leadership and team development – taking teams, organizations, and programs to the next level of performance.


Edgework’s work with academic clients – including business schools, high schools, and student leaders – focuses on leadership and teams. Edgework works with students of any age to orient them to how teams form and succeed, and with faculty and staff groups to facilitate team retreats and meetings that lead to results.

What Clients Say About Working With Us

Relationship is at the heart of everything we do.

Consigli Construction Co., Inc.

“Working with the Edgework team has been one of our greatest learning successes. The team bring an engaging energy that is appropriately tailored for all levels of our employees. Whether it’s a senior leader or accountant, Edgework can easily adjust wit and style to appeal to the group while still making sure key messages are embraced. Their approach is collaborative and their design and curriculum is always best in class. Learning and development is a shared company passion. The expectations for what we are willing to introduce into our company are extremely high, and (the Edgework) team consistently impress and excel. In our book – top notch!”
Danielle Riley, former Human Resources Manager, Consigli Construction Co., Inc.

Tuck Business School

“The approach is engaging and relevant, the execution is flawless, and our students leave with a better understanding of both the challenges and rewards of working in a team. Edgework provides that rare combination of strategic, visionary thinking and meticulous attention to detail that is so important in educational event planning. We are proud to provide our highest endorsement.”
Betsy Winslow, Senior Associate Director, MBA Program Tuck Business School

Cornerstone Research

“Edgework has been an essential partner for us in the strategic planning, content development and facilitation of our corporate retreats. Most importantly, they have done an outstanding job of linking our values and culture across the organization and translating them across audiences to inspire the actual work that needs to be done.”
Lisa Claussen-Adams, Cornerstone Research

Kids Play International

“Our program is intense because of the genocide impacted population we work with. This makes it even more important that any outside organization understands the combination of sport, gender equality and the delicate circumstances and cultures within which we're working. Edgework provided this unique blend perfectly. Their team worked closely with us, listening as we explained our needs, helping us conceptualize how to make a real and lasting impact, and designing a program that is embedded into the community long term."
Tracy Evans - Founder, Kids Play International